Two Chrysalis students creating a boat with objects found in nature.


Chrysalis is a free public charter school sponsored by the Shasta County Board of Education serving students from kindergarten through eighth grade. There is no tuition or discrimination. Our school is intentionally small so that we might really and truly know each and every student and help their individual light shine brightly.

We are an “out-of-the-box” school and we embrace “out-of-the-box” kids. Many of our students are gifted in “naturalist intelligence” – the bug and snake and star kids, the systems thinkers, the big picture thinkers. We study science as a core subject, use the outdoors as our classroom on Fridays, go camping twice a year as a community, and much, much more. Many are attracted to our school for other reasons such as our emphasis on deep, conceptual understanding or because of the kindness of our community. 

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Our charter is to our school as the Constitution is to the United States.

The LCAP describes our plan for using the state's money to achieve our goal -- encouraging the light within each student to shine brighter. The LCAP Addendum describes our plan for using federal money.

The SPSA describes how we plan to utilize federal Title One funding.

The SARC is published each year to provide parents and the community with a snapshot about each public school in the state. 

The EPA expenditures resolution is our commitment that sales tax money that comes to Chrysalis goes directly to serving our students. The EPA expenditure acutals shows that we spent the money as promised.

Our policy on Education for Homeless Children ensures that homeless students have access to the same free and appropriate public education provided to other students at Chrysalis.

We are free and non-discriminatory, and fully support Title IX which protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. Our Title IX coordinator is our Administrator, Catherine Thompson who may be reached at (530) 547-9726 or catherinet (at) chrysalischarter (dot) org.  

To learn more about the rights of a student and the public under Title IX and the responsibilities of the educational institution, we recommend:

To file a complaint, under Title IX, please use the Universal Complaint Form found HERE. It is the school’s hope that a person who feels they are being discriminated, harassed or bullied (or has any other concern) first talk to a teacher or administrator so the situation can be resolved quickly. The statute of limitations for filing a complaint is one year after an alleged incident of discrimination has occurred. A complaint may be filed beyond the statute of limitations through the same process and will be thoroughly investigated, though you may be barred from seeking remedy.  All complainants are protected from retaliation so your identity as a complainant will remain confidential as appropriate. You have the right for this complaint to be investigated by the person designated by Chrysalis and, if you disagree with his/her finding, you have the right to file an appeal with either of the following offices.

Chrysalis Charter School is responsible for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, including those related to: pupil fees; textbooks and instructional materials; clean and safe, well-maintained school facilities; teacher vacancies or misassignments; and freedom from unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying against any protected group. Use the "Uniform Complaint Form" to report any concerns about the school suffered by you or your child. This confidential report goes to Catherine Thompson.

California Education Code (EC) Section 47605(d)(4) allows a parent or guardian to submit a complaint to the charter school authorizer when a charter school discourages a pupil's enrollment, requires records before enrollment, or encourages a pupil to disenroll. Use the "Charter School Complaint Form" to report any concerns to our authorizer, the Shasta County Office of Education.

Chrysalis’s intent is to create a school that inspires students to soar higher in more ways than we, as a culture, expect from our schools. We express this metaphorically as “taking the ceiling off our school so students can soar higher”. However, we have also learned that we need to maintain a floor beneath which students do not drop. This means there are certain expectations that students and families are expected to meet.