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Teacher Powered

What does it mean? Teacher-powered is a type of governing structure in which teachers make school-wide decisions collaboratively. Chrysalis Charter School honors the teacher-powered idea that those closest to the students are better equipped to make informed decisions based on their needs. This is important because it creates personal ownership; teachers are responsible for creating a school that families want to enroll in. Driving forces that support informed decision making include… 
  • Keeping Students at the Center of Decision Making
  • Meaningfully Involving Families & Communities
  • Honoring Student Voice and Choice
  • Fostering a Collaborative Culture
  • Embracing Transparency in Decision Making
  • Creating Shared Leadership Structures
  • Reimagining and Rotate Leadership Positions
  • Engaging in Peer Observation
  • Taking on a Learner Mindset
This student-centered, bottom-up organization is central to Chrysalis’ identity as a teacher-powered school and gives us the autonomy to be flexible for the ever changing needs of our community.  Chrysalis won the 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Extraordinary Achievement Award for our teacher-powered model. Chrysalis Charter was part of a Teacher-powered study and features in the book Trusting Teachers with School Success, by Kim Farris-Berg and Edward Dirkswager.  For more information, see the Teacher-Powered Schools website or contact our office.
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Picture of Chrysalis Staff dressed up for the Jog-A-Thon
Quote from the Book Complexity by Michael Waldrop
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