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Science and Nature

Students building a beaver dam in a river
Chrysalis is a science focused school where we inspire young minds to think like scientists to discover answers and explore the world around them. Through authentic inquiry and research practices, students learn to make sense of information and deepen their understanding. Our approach to teaching science is unique and multi-faceted, going beyond lectures and textbooks. Teachers model excitement and curiosity as well as…
  • Allow the space and time for students to explore
  • Adapt curriculum to follow the student’s curiosities 
  • Use a variety of teaching strategies to expose students to different ways of learning
  • Ask meaningful questions to foster group discussions designed to form connections between new learning and previous knowledge
  • Conduct experiments using real scientific equipment
  • Immerse students in nature every week to nourish the learning mind

Learning, like science, should always lead to asking more questions and wanting to know more. Instead of just saying “I don’t know”, we encourage students to ask “how can I find out?” 
  • NGSS - Next Generation Science Standards [K-2] [3-5] [6-8]
  • FOSS - Full Operations Science Systems
  • GEMS - Great Explorations in Math and Science
Students showing praying mantis they found
Students doing science experiment outside
Two students pointing at cocoon on branch