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At Chrysalis, we believe that the best decisions are made by those closest to those they effect.  We empower teachers to lead the way. Rather than teachers being contracted employees under the direction of an administration, we function as a teachers’ co-operative. Teachers oversee the budget, select and mentor fellow teachers, develop school policies, set the calendar and schedule, and much more. Teachers have far greater creative autonomy in the classroom than in most schools. This is important because it creates personal ownership; teachers are responsible for creating a school that families want to enroll in. Though this model of school organization is not readily apparent to most visitors, it is fundamental to Chrysalis. Many educational reformers believe it has power to improve public education within our country. In fact, Chrysalis won the 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Extraordinary Achievement Award for our teacher-powered model. For more information, see the Teacher-Powered Schools website or contact our office.
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