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Middle School

Middle school years are those pivotal in-between years, where students are slowly letting go of their child-like elementary tendencies and moving towards teenage high school behaviors. Chrysalis is honored at the opportunity to guide students through this vulnerable stage of life. By first creating a safe and kind learning environment, we offer many different avenues for students to explore their gifts and interests. Our focus is on building strong character and teaching social skills that will prepare them for their next steps on their academic journey. 
The Houses System

The Houses System

Collage of students doing activities with The Houses System
Middle school is a unique time for students as they are exploring their own identity. As a way to support students during this time, we have adopted The Ron Clark Academy House System. Students are sorted into their house in fifth grade and this becomes their forever family. This gives them an immediate sense of belonging and source of support through their middle school years. Natural mentorships happen because houses are made up of fifth through eighth graders. House meetings are worked into students’ schedules three days a week and are student led, empowering student voice and choice. The house system also teaches students the value and skills necessary for healthy competition. “Four Houses, One Family!”

This system features 4 Houses that build character, relationships, and school spirit. Each House has unique properties such as its own color, symbols, nation of heritage, history, and more. Over time, each House also starts to take on its own values and personality driven by the culture of the students and staff within it. Students earn house points for good character, academic excellence, school spirit, outstanding performance, effort, teamwork, humility, compassion, and responsibility. Students look forward to our big House Game Days which happen once a month and occasionally involve families. This system is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get involved with the Chrysalis school community and spend some quality time having fun with their child. It’s time to get excited about showing your house pride!