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students on bus
We offer bus service to and from Redding each school day. The scheduled times are leave times, not arriving times. To minimize loading and travel time, please arrive at the stop five minutes early and have your children with their backpacks ready to board the bus. 
If your child rides our afternoon bus, you need to fill out and return the Afternoon Bus Dropoff Authorization form located in the Documents and Forms section.
Bus Stop
Monday - Friday
Morning Pick-Up
Monday-Wednesday, Friday Drop-Off Regular Release
Thursday Afternoon
Drop-Off 2:00 Release
Minimum Day
Drop-Off 12:30 Release
Downtown YMCA (at Eureka Way and Court Street) 7:52 am 3:50 pm 2:35 pm 1:05 pm
Shasta Lanes Bowling Alley at Black Marble and Boulder Street (near Waterworks Park) 8:00 am 4:00 pm 2:45 pm 1:15 pm
Saint James Lutheran Church on Shasta View 8:10 am 3:35 pm 2:20 pm 12:50 pm
Chrysalis - arrival or departure time 8:25 am 3:20 pm 2:05 pm 12:35 pm
  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are enhanced health and safety protocols for the bus. These include:
  • Bus driver will conduct visual health checks for students as they enter the bus.
  • Face coverings will be worn by the bus driver and students. The driver will ensure the bus is equipped with extra unused face coverings on school buses for students who may have inadvertently failed to bring one.
  • When possible windows will be open on the bus to increase ventilation
  • Busses will be disinfected after each run.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep kids in their cars until the bus arrives and to have kids immediately go to their respective cars when dropped off.