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Some call it "giving back". Some call it "paying it forward". Whatever you call it, Chrysalis would not be who we are without our students, families, alumni, staff, friends, and supporters! Thank you. You are our biggest advocate and our biggest asset. Chrysalis makes an effort to create service opportunities during non-school hours for working families and to draw on the talents of our families.
The Chrysalis family goes well beyond the staff and students to include parents, grandparents, siblings, alumni, community members, and more. Aligning with our teacher-powered structure, involving the community enriches the school program in many ways. Our extended Chrysalis family provides valuable assistance to our teachers, gives students a rich source of encouragement, and helps build a warm, supporting community through their friendships.
Here's some of the many ways you can get involved today.
  • Volunteer - "Together we are better." Thank you for helping in so many ways.
    • Supervising Field Studies
    • Volunteering to help with special events through Parent Club
    • Talking with your classroom teacher - help with grading, copying, prepping, etc
    • Facility Maintenance
    • Parent Day
  • Serving on Governing Committees 
  • Make a Donation - Donations make all those special extras possible. Every gift, no matter how small, has a big impact on Chrysalis
  • Participate in Shopping Rewards Programs - Raise money for Chrysalis while you do your everyday shopping at Amazon, Office Depot,, and more. It's easy and makes a big difference when everyone participates.  
  • Join the Team - Chrysalis is a warm, enriching place to work. Consider becoming part of the team. 
  • Spread the word - Please help spread the word about Chrysalis. Tell your friends and neighbors about Chrysalis!
  • Learn more - Our Administrator loves to build new relationships and give tours. Just call the school or send her an e-mail.

Flexible Hours

  • Parent Club participation - create opportunities to strengthen our community through potlucks, grants for teachers, fundraisers, special events (like Fall Festival), dances, welcoming committee for new families, all school events, parents night out, etc.
  • Tech support - help maintain computers, install updates, and troubleshoot printers
  • Publicity – submit articles to papers and media
  • Special Events Scout – scout out and tell the Administrator or teachers about upcoming and outlying possibilities for field trips, speakers, programs to come to school, etc.
  • Weekly/summer garden maintenance
  • Weekend workday help
  • Science kit renewal yearly
  • First aid kit renewal yearly
  • Yearbook
  • Correcting homework or at least marking it as turned in
  • Leveling and labeling books
  • Wash dirty towels each week
  • Refill/pump up playground balls once a week
  • Maintenance such as plumbing, landscaping, electrical, shed cleanout and organization, etc.
  • Maintain stream table
  • Clean classroom pet cages weekly
  • Purchase class pet food and cage supplies

Teacher and Classroom Assistance

  • Classroom aide - for example, helping every Wednesday at 11 for reading groups
  • Regular, weekly field study aides on Fridays
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Purchase class pet for a classroom and needed supplies- take the pet home during holidays and summer
  • Copy queen/king - check teacher’s “to be copied” basket for photocopies needed
  • Library runner- check out books from the Shasta County Library for teachers
  • Gems Kit runner- pick up and return Gems science kits from Turtle Bay
  • Teaching something you are good at on Tuesday afternoons for electives
  • or during the school day. Examples: music, art, cooking, gardening, knitting, geocaching, sharing great literature, a foreign language, drumming.
  • Being a role model by sharing your career experience during our annual Career Day or in a specific classroom.
  • Gopher. Do routine errands for teachers such as copying, ordering materials, going to the store, filing, checking in library books, etc.
  • Help for specific teachers. Examples: redo bulletin boards, prep food or activities for class party, organize cupboards, mount shelves
  • Help students stay organized. For example, Monday morning notebook checks.
  • Help tidy up classrooms after school
  • Help students with homework during enhancements or during Project SHARE.
  • Photographer/Videographer for special events or field trips
  • Help teachers set up for afternoon science during lunchtime

Non-Classroom/ Day Time Assistance

  • Playground supervision at recess or lunch
  • Gopher for office manager or administrator. Do routine errands such as copying, filing, stocking office supplies, calling parents, writing thank you notes, etc.
  • One-time help for office staff
  • Mail person – pick up mail at post office and/or county office, sort out junk mail, and deliver
  • Receptionist during lunch – route incoming calls, take messages, etc.
  • Help with end of school clean-up

Parent Club Leadership

Some parent volunteer positions are essential to the smooth operation of the school. In order to ensure these are filled each year, these positions come with a guaranteed number of volunteer hours in exchange for successful completion of the job description as indicated. These positions typically require approval by the Parent Club. Please contact the Parent Club leadership if you are interested in any of these positions.
  • Parent Club president, secretary and treasurer (40 guaranteed hours)
  • Ski club coordinator (20 guaranteed hours, open to anyone) - make arrangements with Mt Shasta, communicate logistics to families, coordinate with teachers
  • Scholastic Book Order Manager (40 guaranteed hours, open to anyone) - send and collect Scholastic book orders from each class, place orders, distribute books
  • School Store Manager (20 guaranteed hours) - advertise twice a year for T-shirt and car decals, collect orders from each class, place orders, distribute items

Other Guaranteed Hours Positions

Some parent volunteer positions are essential to the smooth operation of the school. In order to ensure these are filled each year, these positions come with a guaranteed number of volunteer hours in exchange for successful completion of the job description as indicated. These positions typically require approval by the Board or Administrator unless noted (open to anyone). Please contact the Administrator or Office Manager if you are interested in any of these positions.
  • Board Member (40 guaranteed hours)
  • Site Council (20 guaranteed hours)
  • Development Committee (20 guaranteed hours) - parents who passionately love Chrysalis and have experience with grant writing or fundraising
  • Volunteer Coordinator (40 guaranteed hours) - monitor family progress towards quotas, send reminders, manually log hours as necessary, organize weekend workdays, coordinate with teachers and office staff
  • Alumni Coordinator (40 guaranteed hours) – create and send semi annual newsletter, update list of current addresses, organize alumni reunions
  • Newsletter Publisher (40 guaranteed hours, open to anyone) - assemble newsletter in collaboration with administrator each week for distribution
  • Bring food for teachers to staff meetings weekly on Tuesdays (40 guaranteed hours, open to anyone)
  • Camp Kitchen Manager (40 guaranteed hours)
  • Sponsoring a child on camping trip (10 guaranteed hours for a 2 night trip)
  • Lost and found manager (40 guaranteed hours, open to anyone) - date stamp items and hang up/display in lost and found, each month lay everything out for a day, donate any older than 3 months
  • Webmaster (40 guaranteed hours) - in collaboration with administrator, keep website current up with tweaks, changes and fixes as necessary throughout the year; be on call if the website crashes for any reason; and complete yearly review in summer with system updates, new forms upload, and redesign
  • Ski Club Coordinator (40 guaranteed hours) - organize paperwork, roster, and payment for weekly ski club January through spring break