Ted Talk -- Rosie G.


A fantastic Ted topic for kids and adults alike. Very happy that Avery got to watch this and we will definitely re-watch before the new school year. Perfect!

Great job, Rosie!
From, your Little Kid Buddy, Amelia. :))

Great, Ted Talk. Everyone should watch this, I appreciate the tips you shared. I’m looking forward to sharing with my own son.

Rosie! This is beautiful! What a great a Ted Talk. So wise!

So good Rosie and such a good reminder for all of us! I especially will remember your closing statements about what do you want to remember at the end of your life!

Wow! What will people remember about you? Genuine, funny, and on point! Thank you! We all enjoyed this. Congratulations!

Oh Rosie how I love your liveliness!! You chose a sensitive topic and nailed it. It is hard to not compare ourselves to others, and the desired results normally evade us. Great job!

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