Ted Talk -- Jason I.


This is a very inspiring speech. Thank you for posting all the information and resources at the end. This is very common in the area. Fantastic job on a very serious topic.

Wow! Very brave and vulnerable to show how your Ted Talk relates to you personally. Very powerful. I can see that you put a lot of heart into this. Great job Jason.

Jason thanks for sharing your story and I am impressed with someone your age wanting to educate yourself about the consequences of addiction and make a better way for yourself and your family one day ! Wonderful Ted Talk!

This was very powerful, Jason. I love your perspective on your experience and how you plan to make it positive for your future. You will achieve great things Jason!

Wow Jason. Very nicely delivered. Seeing the change in you over the past 4 years is astonishing. You chose a very personal topic and I am impressed by the hard work you put into this talk. It sounds like you have a great path you have chosen for yourself.

Excellent job, Jason.
My dad was an alcoholic also, I know it can be awful! I'm so proud of you for educating yourself & making the commitment to not only END your families generational substance abuse, but also to become a counselor to help others! Yep, "You make the world a better place" Congratulations on a job well done!

Jason, your TED Talk was very impactful. Thank you for sharing your personal story and resources. I feel it will help others.

Amazing to see such bravery in such a young soul! You will be an amazing father husband man you’ve got that fire! Keep it up!!

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