Ted Talk - Harmony S. Part 2


Wow! What a courageous talk, Harmony. You share things that most people have learned to keep inside, festering, weighing them down for years. Congratulations on finding the strength to bring sadnesses and disappointments into the sunlight where they can be seen freshly so the healing can begin.
Nicely organized.
I like how you could talk about emotional things without running out of breath. Well done.

Harmony, this was incredibly brave and vulnerable. You are wise beyond your years. This project was well done and I can tell that you put a lot of heart and hard work into it. Great job!

Harmony I am so proud of your Ted Talk and for the way you shared your story of overcoming and working through hard things ! I remember what a light you were in my class!

This was so powerful and honest. Really great. Thank you!

Harmony you beautiful soul, I am impressed with how well you were able to deliver this talk. Your feelings and state of mind are really hard things to open up about. I am proud of you for recognizing where you were and doing something about it. You rock girl!

Oh Harmony, what a beautiful & powerful presentation. Your painful & challenging experiences combined with your naturally caring heart & positive disposition have helped you to become such a wise & compassionate young lady. I'm so grateful to your loving friends for helping you re-kindle your inner light! You have SO much to offer this world, in fact, "You make the world a better place."
Congratulations on a job well done, 100%

Thank you for being vulnerable! Just beautiful... great job!

Harmony, your TED Talk was touching, thought provoking, and brave. Thank you!

That was amazing! You had me cryin! Such a strong young lady you are!! Great job

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