Newsletter 2019-09-19

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Field Study

  • K-1 to Palo Cedro Park
  • 6-8 to City Hall to listen to student speeches about climate change

School News

  • Book Fair - The Parent Club Scholastic Book Fair is open September 19-22! Tonight there is a Family and Friends Event from 4-7 pm. Tomorrow, the book fair will be open before school, during lunch, and after school. This weekend it will be open throughout the Honeybee Festival that takes place across our campus. This is one of the largest fundraises for the Parent Club so please come and show your support.
  • Chrysalis Catalyst for Change & the 6-8 field study this week - Here’s a Q&A about tomorrow’s field study to City Hall:
    • What’s the short story? Tomorrow, the 6-8th grade is heading to City Hall from 12:45-2:45 pm to listen to student speeches about climate change. 
    • What event are they are going to? The event at City Hall was organized by a group of Chrysalis students who are calling themselves “Chyrsalis Catalyst for Change”. They are planning a peaceful demonstration to bring awareness to the impending climate crisis. They were inspired by 16-year old Greta Thunberg who spoke before Congress this week and is spearheading a global climate strike on Friday. The student leaders of Chrysalis Catalyst for Change chose to create an event at City Hall because it is a hub of activity in Redding. The students have organized a range of student speakers and a picket line. Look for them on KRCR news tonight and on the radio tomorrow morning.  
    • Is this field study educational or political? The school’s purpose in taking students to City Hall is 100% educational. Students in middle school have been learning about climate change in science class and learning about the democratic process in history class. The purpose of the field study, as with all field studies, is connecting school learning to the real world. The teachers and administration feels this is a perfect example and opportunity for making that connection.
    • Is the school sponsoring the event? No. The event itself is led and organized by the students. 
    • How are you addressing student safety? As always, safety is our number one priority. The staff in attendance tomorrow will be laser focused on ensuring the emotional and physical safety of our students, not managing the event itself. We have discussed where to gather, boundaries, buddy systems, emergency plans, preventing harassment or peer pressure for kids that choose not to participate, and more. We take kids off campus, often to crowded places, frequently. With all this experience and pre-planning, I am certain it will be a great, smooth field study like all the others.
    • Are the kids being asked to participate in the picket line or demonstrations? Absolutely not. As staff, we are walking a very careful line to ensure that we can support some students’ right to free speech while respecting the learning and choices of all, especially those who might personally disagree with the student leaders of Chrysalis Catalyst for Change. Teachers led “talking circles” in 6th, 7th and 8th grades today to learn about civic action and responsibility, what can be done about climate change besides demonstrating, and the options they will have tomorrow after the speeches. We are making alternative arrangements for students on a case by case basis.
    • Does this mean Chrysalis has taken an official political stance on climate change? No. We DO teach students the California state standards in science and history which includes climate science, human impacts on the environment, and what it means to be a good citizen within a participatory democracy. We DO actively cultivate a love of nature and stewardship ethic in kids. But we do NOT take political stances as a school, and staff are careful to avoid influencing students with our personal political views.
  • Thank you from PC Park President - We received a lovely thank you letter form the Palo Cedro Park President for our recent clean up efforts at the park, I’ve attached it here.
  • Next week minimum day - Don’t forget, next week Friday, Sept 27 is a 12:30 release minimum day to allow families time to get to the camping trip.

Upcoming Events

  • Today - Sun, Sept 22 - Book Fair!
  • Fri, Sept 27 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 start camping trip
  • Fri, Sept 27 – Sun, Sept 29 - Siskyou camping trip
  • Mon, Sept 30 -- NO SCHOOL - camping trip recovery day
  • Tue, Oct 8 - Parent Club Jog-a-thon!
  • Tue, Oct 8, MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release for teacher collaboration
  • Mon, Oct 14 - Thu, Oct 17 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release for parent conferences
  • Fri, Oct 18 and Mon, Oct 21 - NO SCHOOL - October recess
  • Thu, Oct 31 - Fall Festival
  • Tue, Oct 8, MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release for teacher collaboration
  • Tue, Nov 12, 12:30-5 - Teacher visioning retreat at McConnell
  • Thu, Nov 21, 6 pm STEM night