Newsletter 2019-08-29

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Field Study

  • 5th and 6th to Turtle Bay in the morning
  • 7th and 8th to Sulfur Creek in the morning
  • Rafting trip next week! Turn in your forms by TOMORROW (Fri, Aug 30) please!

School News
Raft trip - We hope that each and every student is coming rafting with us next week. If cost or supervision is an issue, please let the school know ASAP so that we can help make sure everyone can attend. Rafting trip reminders:

  • Kindergarteners, 1st graders, 2nd graders and 3rd graders must be accompanied by a parent or other guardian.
  • No child under 5 years old who is not enrolled in our Kindergarten class is allowed to participate on the rafting trip.
  • All grades will be pre-assigned rafts. There will be an experienced person at the tail of boat to steer. Other adults and kids will be positioned on the sides to paddle.
  • North Country Rafts has a shortage of small life jackets. If you have a life jacket that fits your younger child, please bring it.
  • Be sure to bring sunscreen, sun hat, water and clothes and footwear that can get wet. It is best to keep your body covered with long sleeves and a big hat so that sunburn will not be a problem. Feel free to bring snacks, but know that anything in the raft can and will get wet. Double ziplock bag any electronics such as phones or car key fobs.
  • There WILL be opportunities for water fights between boats in grades 2+, but only on stretches of river where staff says it is safe and there are no obstacles or river dangers. We can designate a splash free boat in advance if anyone prefers. No water squirt guns/toys of any type, on any trip, please!
  • At the river’s edge, before and after your trip, please supervise your children! Keep kids away from river & bushes. The river is fast and dangerous.
  • A pre-trip orientation just before launch will cover paddling basics, safety, and important landmarks on your journey.

Independent study packets - An independent study packet is work assigned by your child’s teacher to approximate a day’s worth of school work for family trips, sick but capable of academic work, or other excused absences. Why is it important? A completed independent study packet counts your child as “here” for the day and eligible for perfect attendance rewards. Moreover, our school gets the majority of its funding through “average daily attendance” — the number of kids who attend school each day — so a completed independent study packet is basically a $43 check to the school. According to our policies, each child may participate in five days of independent study for each school year. Contracts are typically issued for students that are absent due to illness or a family vacation for three or more days. Teachers may extend the number of independent study days or issue a packet for a period less than three days at their discretion. The sooner we know you want independent study, the more student-centered we can make their assignments. To be valid, parent and student need to sign in designated areas and these contracts must be returned to the school with artifacts of completed work on the day the child returns to school.

Community culture - What a wonderful celebration of our community at the Parent Club social this Wednesday! And rafting trip is another amazing community builder just around the corner. We are proud to call ourselves the Chrysalis family and work hard to maintain a kind, supportive, respectful community for everyone. Thus, there are some basic standards by which we all must abide. Prohibited behavior includes:

  • * Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol with children in or near your vehicle.
  • * The use of physical or verbal aggression toward any child or adult, including profanity or abusive language or nonverbal intimidation. This includes physically disciplining your child in front of others.
  • * Spreading gossip or negative conversations that may undermine the positive atmosphere of the school. If you have concerns, please address them to staff members.

This last one can be subtle but insidious. Just think about the problems that occur when children gossip or spread negativity at school. We always coach our students to try go resolve the problem directly with the individual they are upset with or get help from a grown up to do so rather than talk to their friends about it first and get a whole group riled up over something that might be a nonissue or a misunderstanding. We encourage ALL the adults in our Chrysalis community to be role models to the students in this regard and “THINK” before you speak and avoid gossip or negativity. We have this as a poster in the student bathrooms.

Volunteer Opportunities
We are looking for some key volunteer positions at the school. If any of these sound like you, then please reach out to Dr. Irene who can tell you more and get you set up!

  • 3D printing guru - We currently have two 3D printers at school (a Dremel Digilab and Printrbot). This week we were offered the amazing donation of 2 more 3D printers (a MakerBot Replicator 5g and a Robo R2). This is an amazing opportunity because we could have enough printers for a whole class to design something and get it printed by the next day. However, we barely know how to use the ones we’ve got. We really need someone who would be willing to spend some time learning about each of these 3D printers (feel free to bring them home!), getting them up and running, teaching the teachers how to use them, and then being available now and then to troubleshoot.
  • Site council members - Join Site Council, a governance committee of parents that meets 4 times a year. Their job is to oversee how we spend our federal funds, review school safety policies, and the parent-student handbook.
  • Feed the teachers - “The way to a teacher’s heart is through their stomach” Bring snacks for teachers to staff meetings weekly on Tuesdays and we will love you forever!
  • Ski club manager - Desperately seeking someone to run the ski program! You’ll set dates with the ski park. Share their rules and policies with families. Sign up kids and collect fees. Check in kids each week at the park. (BONUS: if you have a substitute teaching permit, we can pay you as a sub each day you are on the mountain!)
  • Hook fixer - Some of our backpack hooks are missing or needing attention. Do you have tools and the know how to help?
  • Graphic designer - Our playground aides would love to take our playground game rules and put them onto index card sized sheets that can be laminated and carried around the yard by playground aides. Do you have some time at home with a computer to help us with this task?


  • Mon, Sep 2 - NO SCHOOL, Labor Day
  • Wed Sept 4- Fri Sep 6 - rafting trip
  • Tue, Sept 10 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release for teacher collaboration
  • Wed, Sept 11 – Board meeting, 4:00 pm
  • Fri, Sept 27 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 start camping trip
  • Fri, Sept 27 – Sun, Sept 29 - Siskyou camping trip
  • Sept 27-29 - fall camping at Lake Siskiyou
  • Mon, Sept 30 -- NO SCHOOL - camping trip recovery day
  • Mon, Oct 14 - Thu, Oct 17 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release for parent conferences
  • Fri, Oct 18 and Mon, Oct 21 - NO SCHOOL - October recess
  • Thu, Oct 31 - Fall Festival