Newsletter 2019-06-05

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

School News

  • Last day of school - Thursday, June 6 is the last day of school! It’s a 12:30 pm release minimum day. We hope to see many of you at the graduation potluck (6pm) and ceremony (7pm) by the gym.
  • Lost and found - We will have tables set out with all the kids’ left-behind things at morning drop off and pickup. Please please please help your child do a sweep of lost and found. All remaining items will be donated or thrown away.
  • It’s officially summer break - NO SCHOOL June 7 through August 13. First day of school for the new school year is August 14. You should receive a calendar in children’s backpacks today. But if not, a copy is also attached here to this newsletter.
  • Summer slide - The MOST important thing that you can do to support your child this summer is read! On average, kids lose about 1 month of learning every summer, but you can help prevent summer slide by encouraging even just 10 minutes of reading every day. The Redding Library, Redding Parks and Red, and Reach Higher Shasta have lots to offer kids all summer long. For my own kids, I’ve set a summer reading goal (4 chapter books at their reading level earns a day at Waterworks Park) and we have dedicated read and cuddle time before bed every night to help them reach their goal.
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  • Summer office hours - The school office will be open 8 am to 4 pm through June 19. The office will be closed June 20 through July 31, but you can reach Irene or Brenda via e-mail or Parent Square throughout that time. The office reopens August 1. 
  • I am so energized by the amazing feedback we received from parents in recent weeks. To continue that momentum, I would like to invite you to a “Year in review” discussion to look at our strengths and challenges as a community during the last Executive Board meeting of the year -- scheduled for 4-6 pm on Wed, June 12. We deeply value your insight as Site Council reps and hope you can join us. 
  • Lake Siskiyou camping trip - Look in your kids’ backpacks for detailed information about Lake Siskiyou camping September 27-29… OR check out the attachment here for a digital copy. 
  • Chrysalis would like to give a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to the following parents who each dedicated over 80 hours of service to the school — that’s DOUBLE the typical family commitment. We are so amazed and grateful by your willingness to give so much of yourself to sustain and nurture Chrysalis. (If I missed anyone, that’s only because I am going off of the logged hours in Parent Square and perhaps you did not log all of your hours. We’d be happy to log those hours for you in the front office or you may do so on your own through Parent Square and we can send out a belated shout out and thank you.)
    • Kaarin Brooke
    • Stacy Clardy
    • Melanie Jensen
    • Ashleigh Moore
    • Sabrina Moseman
    • Jason Salter
    • Sarah Sandoval

Volunteer Opportunities
* Please come help at one of our summer work days! Responsible students with adult supervision are welcome and encouraged to help (plus your family gets double the volunteer hours!) This week Friday and next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will be transforming the road and walkways that border our playground into a “Peaceful Playground” with over 20 new games and activities on the asphalt for kids to play. Not into painting? No problem! We have lots of other tasks that need doing around the school -- mounting bulletin boards, leveling the little free libraries, adding playground bark, moving bookshelves, spring cleaning, moving picnic tables… Can't make it on a weekday? There'll be a work day on Saturday, August 10th to make the school beautiful for the new school year!

Upcoming Events

  • Thu, June 6 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release
  • Thu, June 6 - 6 pm Graduation
  • Fri, Jun 7 - 8-10 am work day
  • Mon, Jun 10 - 8-10 am work day
  • Tue, Jun 11 - 8-10 am work day
  • Wed, Jun 12 - 8-10 am work day
  • Wed, June 12 - 4pm board meeting
  • Wed Aug 14 - First day of school
  • Fri Sept 27-Sun Sept 29 - Fall camping trip to Lake Siskiyou