A Kind, Supportive Community


The culture of Chrysalis is one of respect and kindness, and we strive for this on all levels. We believe that students have the right to come to school and trust that they will not be bullied or teased for being themselves. No child should be called a geek or a nerd for being smart. No child should be called stupid just because they don't understand something. No child should be singled out and mocked for being who they are.

Because of this, we take bullying and teasing very seriously. We teach our students to value themselves, each other, their teachers and the larger global community around them. We teach the value of positive encouragement and good teamwork. We support our students in effective conflict management and communication to overcome problems. A small example of this is that we do not let students say "Oh, that is easy" when one of their classmates is struggling with something. We encourage them to help each other instead, realizing that what is easy for them may not be so easy for someone else.

This commitment to respect, kindness and support does not only apply to the students. We call ourselves the “Chrysalis family” because students, staff, families and alumni are all part of an extended family, working and learning together in service to a common mission. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, younger and older siblings are welcome and encouraged to participate in our school. They enrich the school program in ever so many ways -- helping teachers, contributing to our school governance, organizing events, and guilding a loving community through their friendships. Read about our student and parent expectations in the Parent-Student Handbook.

We have many activities throughout the year that foster this sense of community. These include: 

  • field trips (usually twice a month or more)
  • fall rafting trip on the Sacramento River
  • winter holiday performance and silent dessert auction
  • spring talent show
  • family game night
  • twice a year camping trips
  • parent work days to improve the school
  • and other community events organized by parents or staff (recently these have included family STEM night, poetry night, parents night out, and more)

We desire for students to leave Chrysalis prepared to make a positive contribution to the world and be able to fully participate as a citizen in our society. When students demonstrate leadership, make a difference, or persevere in solving a problem, the school celebrates those contributions in the same way other schools might honor students’ athleticism or grades. Community service inspires the best within us, and offers students an opportunity to practice citizenship. Chrysalis students participate in volunteer work all over Shasta County, from habitat restoration with the Department of Fish & Game, to working with the Haven Humane Society, to working with City of Redding to raise awareness of local pollution.