The Executive Board of the Chrysalis Charter School’s nonprofit corporation (Board) has fiduciary and legal responsibility for the school and the non-profit. The Board's responsibilities include supporting the teacher-led nature of the school, hiring and reviewing the school administrator, reviewing and approving leases and major contracts, approving the annual budget, crafting our LCAP, and ensuring that we follow our charter. All meetings are open to the public, and we welcome your input towards making Chrysalis the best it can be. Our current Board Members are:

  • Glenn Zane – Community Representative (President)
  • Laurinda Willard - Community/Educator-at-Large Representative (Secretary)
  • Ryan Blais – Parent Representative (Vice President)
  • Sara McCurry – Parent Representative
  • Crystal Padilla – Teacher Representative 
  • Cheri Relph - Teacher Representative
  • Irene Salter – Administrator (Treasurer)

The other governing body is our Site Council which advises the school on students' academic progress , school safety, our SPSA, and stakeholder involvement. Members are elected by their peers and represent a balance between school staff and parents/students/community members. As with our Executive Board, meetings are open to the public, and we welcome your participation. Our current Site Council Members are:

  • Leslie Powers - Parent Representative
  • Wendy Wendt - Parent Representative
  • Mark Soderwall - Parent Representative
  • Jessica French - Parent Representative
  • Lily Anne Day - Student Representative
  • Laura Bowie - Teacher Representative
  • Angela Rollins - Teacher Representive (Secretary)
  • Casey Link - Teacher Representative
  • Nicholas Prado - Classified Staff Representative
  • Irene Salter - Administrator (Chair)