Future Plans

What will the future bring? And how can you help achieve our long term goals? In Fall 2014, the teachers and Executive Board worked together to develop a set of 3-5 year goals for the school. Contact our Administrator to make our dreams a reality.

  • Develop the infrastructure to tap into new funding sources -- Thus, the teachers and Board established a Development Committee to apply for grants and to tell our story. We need you to help us find and write grants, cultivate connections with the larger community, grow our giving base, engage donors in school activities, and support the long-term stewardship for our supporters.

  • By the end of 2017 develop a plan to have our own facility or commit to staying where we are -- A campus immediately surrounded by wildlife and riparian access would greatly expand our ability to offer exceptional science and nature education. On the other hand, our current location leased from the Catholic Dioscese is working well for us, so until an opportunity presents itself, we intend to maximize the full potential of our current facility. We need you to be on the lookout for potential opportunities for a new facility and to help us beautify and improve our current facility.

  • Develop articulated field study guidelines and the curricular support and resources to implement a truly great field study -- Teachers have been collaborating in the development of these guidelines but we need you (particularly if you have expertise in science, outdoor education, natural resource management, etc.) to add your ideas.

  • Implement a new salary structure -- Done! We have dedicated the majority of the growth in our fiscal base due to enrollment growth towards a living wage for our teachers. However, we need you to donate to the school so that we can support our other wish list items such as after-school sports, art, and music classes; playground improvements; and scholarships for low income families to attend camping trips and field trips.