Ted Talk -- Jait R.


I was surprised to hear about the variety ways virtual reality is being used, that is awesome. I look forward to giving it try someday.

We can tell how interested in this topic you are, you can hear the excitement and passion in your voice. Very good execution!

Very fascinating topic! I had no idea that you can use virtual reality in so many ways! I can really tell that you love the topic! Your passion shows!

I remember how creative you were in my 2nd grade class and enjoyed your Ted Talk on Virtual Reality. I love the way your personality came through in your talk and I learned something new! Well done Jait!

This was very informative and amazing what virtual reality can do and teach other people how to perform surgery. 10/10 Congratulations!

Good choice on a talk Jait. It's obvious you are really into VR. Great information, and good presentation.

Jait, this was awesome! Informative (yep, I was fairly clueless about virtual reality), and entertaining as your natural whittiness shines through. Congrats on a job well done!

Great job!!

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