Ted Talk -- Ryan F.


A fantastic message, very inspiring and we could all use a little more inspiration. Great TED talk!

This is a great topic for you because I have got to see you work very, very hard to accomplish your goals. Very inspiring! Great job!

Super inspiring Ryan! Great job and congratulations! Holy Moly you're a FRESHMAN!

I loved your Ted Talk and it is so true about mindset and hard work ! Well done !

Nice job Ryan! Hard work and perseverance payoff. Now you know ahead of time how to set yourself up for success.

Nicely done Ryan!
Your understanding of "growth mindset" knowing that attitude, dedication & practice is what helps us succeed, assures you will achieve whatever you desire in life (not that I ever had any doubt). Congratulations on a job well done!

I enjoyed watching your TED Talk, perseverance, mindsets and hard work great topics!

Great job!! So very true!

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