Ted Talk -- Lillith W.


This was great! Avery agrees, this was one of our favorite Talks! Did not know the fun facts about Reading for your health. You kept us entertained!

Awesome job!! Love it!

Wonderfully alive presentation! I have been so glad I had the chance to find you in my math classes. I loved your grins over the coolness that math can contain. Well-delivered.

This was fantastic! I love your love for books! Your passion for reading really shows. Great job Lillith!

Oh I love to read too! This brought a smile to my face! Lovely delivery and great content, I absolutely read to reduce my stress levels. Congratulations on a job well done. :)

That was a wonderful Ted Talk Lilith! I love your passion from reading and your personality that came through in your talk !

What a lovely talk!! I love it! I appreciate your passion for reading. I love getting lost in a book, so completely agree!

Great job!!! It is fabulous you have found a friend in reading! Wow! Harry Potter in first grade! Wonderful delivery! I love the back drop too!

Lilith, your TED Talk was so fun!

Great job!! You make me wanna go read!!

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