Ted Talk -- Liam L.


A great talk in true TED fashion. Avery liked the graphics and you held our interest well!

Very informative! My first grader loved this. The graphics were fantastic and we can tell you worked very hard on this. Great job Liam!

Liam I loved your Ted Talk and the whole presentation! It seems like it hasn’t been that long since you were in my class! Very impressive !

Very thorough Liam! Nice presentation, great use of graphics and so much information!

Oh my gosh Liam, I totally felt like I was witnessing a professional Ted Talk!
So informative, well researched, and beautifully presented!
Awesome job, 100%

I love your speech. I like learning about space.

Good job Liam! I was very impressed and interested by your images. They were well designed and very informative.I learned a lot .Hope too see you soon!

Carolyn,Owen,Jason and Irene

Fantastic TED Talk, engaging, wonderful visuals and informative.

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