Ted Talk -- Ana W.


You have a great presence on screen Ana, Avery and I enjoyed this very much. Cant wait to see you on the real TED screen someday.

Ana, this was a very heart felt Ted Talk. I am sorry that you ever had to deal with bullies. Like I always tell you, you are very strong with a heart of gold. Fantastic job!

Thank you Anna for covering a sensitive topic in your Ted Talk! People like you can help others who are going through a rough time due to the way others treat them! Excellent job!

Wow Ana. What an extremely personal topic and story to share. I understand, as I was bullied for longer than I care to remember. I am proud of you for choosing to speak about this. Nice job!

I love your speech. I'm glad the mean kids got expelled.

Ana, I am moved by your TED Talk. I could feel your passion through the screen.

I love your speech

So good!! Love it!

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