Ted Talk-- Makena A.


Avery (kinder) watched this with me and it moved us both! Great topic and close to home for so many.

Makena, thank you for sharing this information and bringing awareness to these important topics.

I work in healthcare and see this daily. Thank you for this!

Makena, great job doing the research! I had no idea some of these numbers are so high!

Excellent Ted Talk Makena! You touched on a topic that is important in our world!

Great information. Shocking numbers and statistics especially in Shasta County. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done!

Very nice Makena!! Great information. I had no idea of the numbers or how the foster system began. Very well presented and informative!!

Makena thank you. Your talk was very informative. Nicely done.

This is such important information to share Makena! I remember how excited you were when Zack entered your family. I am a Grandma to a wonderful little boy my daughter, Katie, is a foster mom to, and we love him SO much!
Congratulations on a job well done Sweetie!

Wow! I learned a lot from this. Thank you for choosing such a meaningful topic. Very moving...

I loved the video and learned lots

Great job!! Love you topic choice!

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