Board agenda 2019-03-13

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Chrysalis Executive Board Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 4:00 PM

    Chrysalis Charter School

21945 Old 44 Drive, Palo Cedro, CA  96073


Call to Order


Agenda Order


Approval of the Minutes


Public Forum

            The Board will allow any individual or group representative to address the Board on any subject not covered by an item in the agenda at this time. Another formal opportunity to address the Board will be given at the end of this agenda under “Items from the Floor.” Additional opportunities will be given for the public to comment on various agenda items as they are recognized and given the opportunity to speak. The Board reserves the right to limit the time allotted to each speaker and the number of times an individual is allowed to address the Board on a given subject.

Each person who addresses the Board shall do so in an orderly manner and shall not make personal, impertinent, slanderous or profane remarks to any member of the Board, staff or general public. Any person who makes such remarks, or who utters loud, threatening, personal or abusive language, or engages in any other disorderly conduct which disrupts, disturbs or otherwise impedes the orderly conduct of any Board meeting shall, at the discretion of the presiding officer or a majority of the Board, be barred from further audience before the Board during that meeting.


Administrator’s Report

  • “Coffee and Donuts” coming up on Tue, March 19, 7:30 am
  • Aide recruitment and retention
  • Calendar and bell schedule adjustments (graduation, art, next year…)
  • Audit services


Items for Consideration

  • Discuss recently passed or proposed charter legislation
  • Discuss multipurpose room proposal and decide on next steps
  • Review parent/teacher/student survey data
  • Discuss and approve Site Council recommended policy revisions:
    • 2019-2020 Parent/Student Handbook (Bullying, Parent Involvement Policy, Learning Contract, Family Expectations, etc.)
    • Safety Plan
  • Review and vote on Second Interim Budget
  • Discuss 5 year budget outlook
  • Decide what to do about Snow days (Waiver versus add 3: March 15, May 6, June 6)
  • Approve revision to Sara Lincoln contract
  • Administrator review timeline and process


Items from the Floor


Next Meeting Date – Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 4:00 pm


Other Important Dates –

  • Mar 18-22 - Spirit Week!
  • Tue, Mar 19 - 7:30-8:30 Coffee and Donuts with Dr. Irene (drop in anytime!)
  • Thu, Mar 28 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting
  • Tue, Apr 2 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- teacher collaboration
  • Fri, Apr 5 - 2 pm Enrollment lottery!
  • Mon, April 8 - 3:30 pm Site Council meeting
  • Wed, Apr 10 - 4:00 pm Board meeting
  • Mon Apr 15 - Fri Apr 19 - NO SCHOOL, Spring Break
  • Thu, Apr 25 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting
  • Fri, May 3 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release -- camping trip
  • May 3-5 - Camping trip on the Redwood coast!
  • Mon, May 6 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release
  • May 7-10 - Teacher appreciation week
  • Wed, May 8 - 4:00 pm Board meeting




Americans with Disabilities Act Assistance

If you require assistance for participation in this public meeting, please notify Brenda Probst at (530) 547-9726. We will make every effort to ensure equal access to a Chrysalis Board meeting.