Announcement 2020-03-17

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

It is with great sadness that we formally declare Chrysalis closed to students starting Tuesday, March 17 through spring break due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). Our intention is to reopen Tuesday, April 14. However, the situation changes so dramatically day to day that I would recommend that all families have a solid backup plan for continuing school closure through the end of the school year in case we cannot reopen after spring break.


  • Keep your child busy and learning. Take home packets are available in the office. Teachers are here for you via Parent Square, phone (call the office and we will patch you through), and e-mail. We are rapidly ramping up more and more distance learning and student support opportunities - stay tuned. 
  • We will try to get computers and internet to everyone who needs them - please call the office for details. 
  • On-site student supervision from 8:00 am to 3:15 pm will be provided for Chrysalis students through Thursday this week for any Chrysalis family that is not able keep their kids home, and through spring break for students that qualify for free or reduced lunch OR that are the children of health care workers or emergency services personnel.
  • A FREE grab and go Lunch and Breakfast (for the next day) will be available to all Chrysalis families to pick up in front of all area high schools.
  • No bus service from tomorrow through spring break. Sorry!
  • Our office is open (for now) 8:00 am through 3:30 pm daily but we are practicing social distancing. Visitors will be limited to those with essential business on campus only and please hand sanitize when you arrive.

We may never know if the dramatic actions our society is being asked to take right now are necessary. That's the point. But if we didn't do enough, it would become abundantly clear as measured by the death toll rising due to our health care system is overwhelmed. Let's hope we are doing enough to protect our loved ones. 

Stay safe. Stay calm. Clean hands. Open hearts.
Dr. Irene