Angela Rollins


Greetings! I am thrilled to be joining the Chrysalis team!  I have a widespread love of literature and contagious enthusiasm which I am excited to share with my students.  It is my goal to instill a passion for reading and writing in all of my “children”.  There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting with a student and witnessing their development and enthusiasm grow.

In my class we will learn that literacy is a key component in all of our lives, not merely something we encounter at school.  Literature isn't found in books alone, but is a fact of life surrounding us; from print on a cereal box to road signs and resumes.  A mastery of literature will encourage success in any endeavors life may lead us to.  In class we will have ample time to practice and perfect our analyzing and writing skills... and you know what??  We are going to have a blast doing it!!
When I’m not in the classroom or working on school work I am spending time with my lovely family; which consists of my supportive husband, my two amazing and wild children, Diesel and Braxton, and our small farm at home.  I love to spend time in my gardens, traveling, camping, and just being outside.  My kids are avid BMX  racers, so our extra time is spent at the local track, traveling to races and organizing practices for our team.